Monday, January 17, 2011

Not Bothering With Updates

I just have a couple funnies from the kids. Maybe if I start one day at a time with the funnies I'll eventually get to the point where I'm updating regularly. And maybe after that I'll start filling in holes from the last few months. :)

Today at dinner Kairi was talking and kept confusing herself but wanting me to help her "know the right words". The problem was I had no clue what in the world she could be talking about! Finally I had to tell her that. "Sorry, girl, but I REALLY don't know what you're talking about." Her response? "Yeah ... I don't know either."


A few nights ago I ended up giving Kairi and Alex the "if anyone touches you here, here or here, you HAVE to tell Mommy" speech. It was a good conversation for the most part and very unscary... just one of those things you have to prepare your children for I suppose. And at one point Kairi wanted to know what I would do to the "bad guys" or even good guys that do bad things. I informed her that I have special Mommy powers that help me take care of those people and she doesn't have to worry about it ... just to trust me. Kairi announces that she doesn't have special powers but she's TOUGH. (She saw Annie the musical about a month ago and has been obsessed with being tough like Annie ever since.) Alex then declared that he had cool little boy powers. Kairi teased him by saying his powers were stinky powers. I have to share Alex's and my conversation after that:

Alex: I'm not a stinky boy!
Me: Are you sure about that dude?
Alex: Yes! I'm not stinky, but my special power farts are stinky!
Me: Yup, you sure do have some stinky farts.
Alex: Yeah, it's the farty powers.
Me: So what do you have? The Power of Fart?
Alex: Yeah! I fart all the bad guys away!

I kid you not, during the last week he's taken every opportunity available to fart on the imaginary bad guys.

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