Friday, December 26, 2008

A Fresh Start

I'm not about to abandon my old blog. It's still very important for my family to have a spot to keep up with my children and their lives. But it's time for a change. I need a place where I can share my thoughts, my imperfections, and my struggles without having to worry about a frantic call from any family member that might read my blog because they are "concerned".

So here is my spot, my personal space. I don't promise that the language will always be clean. I will not sugar coat my life. And my husband will not always be perfect. But this is MY life. And I love it -- ok, so I like it most of the time. ;) Here I can be sarcastic, and not care whether or not my grandmother understood it, and not have to hope that she didn't.

To get started, let me introduce the family:

The husband. Sailor, and therefore out to sea more often than home. Computer geek-extraordinaire. Spends way too much time on his computer/video games when he is home, but is working on it. We've had a rough time, but we're working through it. Every day with him gets better.

2 year old DRAMA QUEEN. There, I said it. Little Miss Attitude. It is from her that I get my name. She calls me Mommy when she wants something by being sweet; Mama when she's trying to get something from me with attitude; Mom when she's full of attitude; and on those days that she can't figure out what she thinks about me I get the ever-famous MommyMamaMom all rolled into one word. She is into EVERYTHING. Her favorite toy is my make-up. She uses up way too much of it way too quickly, and is very adept at finding it's newest hiding spot.

1 year old Baby Boy. He gets away with way too much by simply batting his big blue eyes at me and grinning his sweet grin. We always said he was the good one, but we're learning that he's just as much trouble as his sister, he's just quieter about it. And sneakier. MUCH sneakier. He's a charmer and a flirt, and he's full of trouble.

MommyMamaMom -- Steph -- I'm the mom, obviously. And the wife. I constantly engross myself in projects that take up all my energy, and then quickly crash and burn because I took on too much. I want to keep a clean house and amazing food on the table, but am definitely not practiced at doing so. Getting better with practice. I sell MK. Ok, so sometimes I sell MK when I make the effort. I need to get better at that too. I used to teach -- I will again after the kids are in school. I want to get my masters. One day maybe even my PhD. But I have start studying again. And reading again -- yeah, I miss that.


  1. I've thought about doing this too... for the exact same reasons. My family reads mine and I really have to watch what I say on there. For instance I completely skipped over the whole crappy month of November and part of Dec. I went back and filled in a bit, but still had to censor things out. I don't like it. But I also have my nhhm blog and already feel pulled between the two sometimes.

  2. I get feeling pulled between the two at times. You'll notice that I've not updated What's For Dinner in 2 months or longer..... But I had to do something. So here we go. :)