Friday, December 24, 2010

Just a few updates

I need to make this more than just a monthly thing. One day, right? lol

We've recently tackled potty training with Alex and that's been very ... umm ... interesting. It's not that he's not ready, because he is. He knows what to do, how to do it, and even when to do it. But if he has jeans on he won't go in the potty because he doesn't want to bother taking his pants down. But it's winter and he needs pants on those legs! I can't afford to keep my house warm enough for him to not wear pants during the winter so he's got to get better at it. One day at a time, though. We'll get there and carrying 5 pairs of clothes with me every where we go will be a thing of the past. :)

Kairi and I are still struggling with her attitude towards me and her friends. If it's not done HER way, then she's upset with us and suddenly laying in the floor screaming that she hates me/will never be my friend/won't play with me anymore/etc. After trying a letter chart and that not helping behavior, we're just putting her straight in bed when she does it. I'm not going to listen to her be rude. I know she doesn't mean it, but that doesn't mean she can keep saying those things. She's also doing it to her best friend, Azzy. Both Kairi and Azzy have very strong personalities and butt heads quite often. But they react totally different from each other. Kairi gets upset and she starts screaming and throwing a fit. Azzy gets upset and she cries to manipulate you into doing things her way. Needless to say, we're doing a lot of work on compromising. Kairi likes playing tea party. Azzy usually wants to play musical chairs. We have invented a musical chairs tea party game. Kairi wants to watch movies with Azzy. Azzy wants to play like they're in a movie. So we try to alternate in 15 minute rotations on which we do. Things like that. Both always want to be the leader, so we're taking turns in 15 minute rotations on that too.

I'm really thankful that Kairi has Azzy, though, as her parents have become the main people Chris and I spend time with. We're doing things together at least once a week. Her dad (Tim) and Chris get along great. And Meagan and I always have fun together. My only regret is that there is no boy for Alex to spend time with. He is always having to play with girls and we frequently find him wandering around by himself or standing next to us totally bored because either he doesn't want to be dressed up like a princess again or they are refusing to play with him. There is another little boy on the way! Meagan is due next spring. That's just going to be a big age gap for Alex. We need to bring another family with a little boy Alex's age into our group! Still trying to figure out who that might be though. lol

I'll try to update in a few days about our Christmas and other things. But there's where we are for now!

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